Sunisok Sportswear - Women

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Are you a wanderer? Or a simple soul who loves to cherish what the outdoors has to offer? Maybe you’re a sports lover who likes to take challenges head-on and prove their mettle?

No matter who you’re – the love you share for the outdoors is common…but, at the same time, you need to protect yourself from the SUN!

It throws Ultra-violet rays that damage your skin, gives you sun burns, and takes all the fun away from the outdoors.

Sustainable Shirt For Those Who Love Being in the Outdoors

This is where we step in with a sustainable full sleeves shirt that protects you from the sun and lets you enjoy the outdoors like never before…

Made from 95% bamboo and 5% spandex fabric – this shirt is softer, more comfortable, and offers bio bacterial tendencies that keeps it smelling fresh…

No More Synthetic Fabrics

Let’s face it…Regular fabrics such as polyester or nylon are hotter and they start stinking after a few wears...

This is where we stand apart because we use natural fiber that supports the environment and never let you catch any sunburns in the first place.

Packaging that Stands Apart

We aren’t just conscious about our product, but we are concerned about the way it is shipped to you as well…that’s why, we deliver it in packaging that is 100% made from recycled paper so that we play our part in keeping the environment safe in every possible way. 

We’re all about being as eco-friendly as possible – join us and become part of the sun-loving, environment caring community today!