Sunisok was founded by two outdoor enthusiasts who wanted to enjoy nature as much as possible… without letting the sun’s rays get in their way. It didn’t hurt that they were also fashion design students.

Armed with an idea and the tactical know-how, the Sunisok duo set out to engineer universally flattering sun protective clothing for everyone. They sketched and sketched, until they came up with their flagship product: the cerulean blue athletic hoodie. Designed to keep your skin safe and your look on point.

Sunblock is about chemicals. Sunisok is about solutions. Forget the constant application of sunscreen, and throw on UPF clothing that doesn’t harm you with hard-to-pronounce ingredients. Our clothing is made from bamboo fabric and is as soft as it is protective. And unlike sunscreen, you don’t need to re-apply. Wear and go.

What is Sunisok?

At the core, we believe that the “sun is ok.” See what we did there? Of course, the sun is only ok if you have the proper protection. The sun is mean to be enjoyed and life is meant to be lived. At Sunisok, we want everyone to be able to take advantage of glorious mountains, golden beaches, and the greenery around us.

Founded in the heart of Vancouver, BC, Sunisok is synonymous with outdoor adventure. Here, we like to take to take deep breaths of pure air and explore the freedom of this diverse city. Our logo is the representation of the sun, and the four K’s signify the four cardinal points. This means that the sun is the same wherever you are, and can be enjoyed anywhere in the world.

We’re ready for you to enjoy our active-wear and live your best life.

Go catch the sun, not the rays.