The Love for Outdoors Is Real!

Here's A List of Famous Athletes Expressing Their Love for Adventure and the Outdoors… Being outdoors is fun for everyone at SunIsOk! But guess what? We’re not alone. Over these years, a lot of famous athletes have publicly endorsed their love for the outdoors. Let’s get to see what they have to say…

Roman Reigns

Leati Joseph "Joe" Anoa'i transitioned between several careers only to gain worldwide recognition as an American professional wrestler. What started out as acting lead Roman to becoming a former professional gridiron football player and later signing a contract with the WWE. He happens to be the current WWE Universal Champion in his second reign.

“Most of my hobbies involve athletics and outdoor activities. I'm willing to learn about anything and converse and pick people's brains, and I ask people to do the same. I'm into learning anything new and trying new stuff.”

Tenley Emma Albright

Tenley Emma Albright, a figure skater and a surgeon, was born on July 18, 1935, in Manchester, U.S. She was the first American woman to win an Olympic gold medal in figure skating. Tenley started skating at a very young age to recover from her nonparalytic poliomyelitis. She managed to win several gold medals and championships until her accidental tripping over ice in 1956. She quoted how being outdoors prepared her to expect the unexpected.

"When I was competing, we were outdoors. So, despite all my preparation, I never knew whether I would be skating in a snowstorm or whether it would be raining or windy. I've learned to expect the unexpected."

Tim Cahill

Timothy Filiga Cahill is a former Australian Footballer known for his aggressive and powerful approach when he dawned onto the pitch. His love for the outdoors has always been imminent.

"I have no problem with the adventure travel movement. It makes better, more sensitive people. If you get people diving on a coral reef, they're going to become more respectful of the outdoors and more concerned with the threats that places like that face, and they're going to care more about protecting them than they would have before."

Bill Bradley

Bill Bradley is a renowned American basketball player who also served as a senator in New Jersey. He played Knickerbockers with New York for ten years until he got selected for the Senate in 1978. He also wrote two books, i.e., Life on the run and Values of the Game, based on his NBA experience. He expressed his love for the sport in his words as:

“Every time I have some moments on a seashore, or in a mountain, or sometimes in a quiet forest, I think this is why the environment has to be preserved.”

Samantha Stosur

As a professional tennis player hailing from Australia, Samantha held the rank of world No. 1 in doubles. She received this ranking on 6th February 2006 and held onto it for 61 weeks consecutively. Samantha has always been fond of the outdoors. Here's what she has to say:

“I love anything that involves the ocean. Swimming, snorkeling, or surfing are all fun, which distracts from your mind that you are actually doing a workout. Being outdoors in the sun and the saltwater is great for freeing your mind and feeling alive."

Joe Namath

Joseph William Namath is a former athlete who used to play as a quarterback in the American Football League and National Football League. During his American football career, he played a total of 13 seasons that were mostly with the New York Jets. He regarded the outdoors as important and deemed them important to his success.

“I was focused on athletics, outdoors, sports.”

Gerald ford

Gerald Ford was one of the most influential athletes of the last century. He was the best football player on his team in 1934 and managed them to win the National championship.

“I think that sports, particularly football, allowed me to be an out front, to be a leader, which helped me later on when I got into politics.”

Lynn Hill

Lynn Hill is the queen of rock climbing. She started climbing at a very young age of 14 and became the first woman to ascend the famous big wall climb called the Nose on EI. She got a creative strength of longer limbs that always helped her climb faster.

“For me, climbing is a form of exploration that inspires me to confront my own inner nature within nature. It’s a means of experiencing a state of consciousness where there are no distractions or expectations. This intuitive state of being is what allows me to experience moments of true freedom and harmony”.